Weekly summaries that connect

Weekly summaries help you and your team reflect, connect and align. Storied helps you create great individual summaries as well as a consolidated team summary through a unique combination of voice + Ai. Storied summaries are perfect for sharing and are 100% async. Cancel your update meetings.

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Summarize in your own voice

With Storied you and your team voice your summaries naturally and asynchronously into the Storied mobile or web app.

We can help you get started with a flexible design. Write your own questions or choose from ones we recommend. You can keep it simple with one question or expand to more.

While we love voice, we also know we need to support diverse teams. We understand there are times when you may not be able to record so you always have the option to type.

Read the full story

The Storied digest let you quickly and efficiently understand what everybody has said. It's so much more than a transcript.
It's an actual summary built by Storied's unique AI. It's organized. It's tagged. It's easily shared.

To get the summary, you just have to specify when you want it sent and if you want it via email, Slack, or both.

Listen and connect

Research suggests other people seem more “thoughtful, intelligent, rational….when you literally hear what [they] have to say compared to reading the same content in text.”1

Doesn't your team deserve that? 

Listen to the full set of summaries, or pick and choose. Listening to your team and hearing not just what they say but also how they say it is a great way of building connection and getting the full context of the update.

Not only do you get the full summary, but you get it fully asynchronously when you have time.

[1] Kumar, A., & Epley, N. (2021). It’s surprisingly nice to hear you: Misunderstanding the impact of communication media can lead to suboptimal choices of how to connect with others.

As a product leader, this is a more efficient way to have a standup. I really like how the summary is organized.
Director of Product @ Fortune 100 company

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