Storied 1-on-1s

Make your 1-on-1s the stuff of legend. With Storied you get the superpower to listen and respond thoughtfully without turning your calendar into a game of Tetris.

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Storied 1-on-1s are simple

Storied's unique blend of voice and text, backed by AI and delivered through both web and mobile apps means you can connect for your 1-on-1  anywhere, anytime, without scheduling another meeting.

Ask your question

Impactful 1-on-1s don't happen by accident. The secret? Great preparation. Storied makes it simple to prepare. Just ask your question(s), share, then listen to the responses.

Sometimes even the best don't know what questions to ask. That's OK!  With Storied you get access to 1-on-1 templates and a library of potential 1-on-1 questions.

Listen and connect

Before the 1-on-1, listen to their responses. Why listen? Research suggests other people seem more “thoughtful, intelligent, rational….when you literally hear what [they] have to say compared to reading the same content in text.”1

Doesn't your 1-on-1 deserve to start this way? 

Hearing not just what they say but also how they say it is a great way of building connection and getting the full context. You can send a response back, giving both the benefit of really being heard.

[1] Kumar, A., & Epley, N. (2021). It’s surprisingly nice to hear you: Misunderstanding the impact of communication media can lead to suboptimal choices of how to connect with others.

Save the summary

Often times after a round or two of async back and forths on Storied you'll realize you don't need the synchronous time. But you still want a record of the 1-on-1.

With every interaction you have on Storied you get a written Summary - available in-app and distributed via email and/or Slack.

I'm blown away by how thoughtful and comprehensive this response is. This is a CEO with remarkable intellect, but he’s very measured in his communication. I've never heard him express himself so fully and articulately as he did with this app.”
Managing Partner, DCVC Bio

Be Storied

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