Accelerate the story with Voice to Writing

Remote work is dominated by written communication.
Think aloud answering questions with voice.
Automatically generate written docs.

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Start with questions

Storied provides a library of time-tested questions to help guide your thinking. Starting with a blank screen is daunting. Starting by answering good questions is easy. This method allows you to quickly climb the writing curve.

Unlock new insights

Storied layers AI on top of voice and gives you real-time summaries of what you are saying. It is like a personal sounding board that helps you iterate on your ideas whenever you need. Iterate on your ideas even before "picking up the pen."

Go to your audience

Different situations call for different writing styles.  Sometimes, you need to be short, concise.  Sometimes, you need to be detailed, collaborative.  Storied drafts the communication how you need it for email, memo, narrative, Slack message, social media posts, and more.

How Storied works

Storied's unique blend of voice and text, backed by AI and delivered through both web and mobile apps means you go from scattered ideas to sharable written artifact faster than you ever have before.

Storied has helped me generate insights I would be blind to otherwise.
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Analytics Manager leading team of 10
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