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Modern work is dominated by written communication
Storied gets you to an amazing first draft faster than ever
It's like having a communication manager with you at any time

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Unblock your thinking

Staring at a laptop all day does not yield the best ideas. The medium matters. Different environments help us think in different ways. Storied helps you think clearly so you can walk away with a great first draft.

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Desk with research

Find the signal

Focus on the facts not the format. The right questions at the right time will help anyone provide the right context. Our editable templates will help you articulate the details that matter the most. The result; your writing creates beautiful alignment with your coworkers and stakeholders.

Master essential communication

Different situations call for different writing styles. Sometimes you need to be short and concise. Sometimes you need to be detailed and collaborative. Storied drafts the communication how you need it for email, meeting notes, business narratives, slack messages, social media posts and more.

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Storied's unique blend of voice and text, backed by AI and delivered through both web and mobile apps means you go from scattered ideas to sharable written artifact faster than you ever have before.

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Start in 4 simple steps

Kickstart your writing with Voice + Generative AI

Pick a template

Choose from a library of templates

Speak to prompts

Answer questions to clarify your thoughts

Review the draft

Let our AI generate amazing writing

Modify & share

Modify for the platform of your choice

Choose a template

Library of templates

We didn’t save you from the blank screen to have you stare at a blank template! While you do have the option to develop your own questions, you can start by using one of our most popular templates; for meeting recaps, strategy creation, project status updates, question follow-ups, and more.

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Answer the questions

Speak naturally to clarify your thoughts

There’s no easier way to get your ideas out of your head than thinking out loud. The questions get you started, and once you gain momentum, one idea tends to lead to the next. To augment that process, we’ll also give you real-time summaries of what you said that help serve as a launch point into the next idea. 

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Receive written draft

Generate legendary writing with our AI

Once you’ve answered the questions, we’ll automatically generate a clearly written document for you to review & revise. Not only do we remove the ums, uhs, and longer pauses, our technology stack completely transforms your replies into a cohesive narrative that some have said sounds much better than even they could have written it!

Voice to writing pipeline
Modify for platform of your choice

Choose where it goes

Using the same reply, you can create multiple output formats (email, Teams message, etc.) and decide where to send it (post on Confluence, send a text message, send with email, etc.). You can schedule sends as well as share privately with other Storied users for feedback.

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