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I have a degree in writing, so I'm comfortable getting my ideas down on the written page. But Storied helps me move faster and look even more professional with my clients.

Shaynee Sherwood
Public Speaker and Coach for ADHDers & Dyslexics

These are just some of the themes we've seen in our conversations with dyslexic leaders

"If I write something to someone after 6PM (when I'm tired), they definitely won't understand it."
Matt Ivey
Founder Dyslexic.AI
"The reactions I see from people to what I'm saying help organize and clarify my ideas."
Christine Carragee
Pricing & Analytics
"I see interconnected patterns that others don't see, but they're not easy to explain."
Noel Burkman
CSO & Partner at Big Chalk

Experience Seamless Innovation with Storied's Software

Storied is creating software to remove these frictions so we can magnify the impact of interconnected, nonlinear thinking that this group excels at.
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Storied membership criteria:

Create at least 5 docs

Writing is hard. If you don't have a need to capture ideas and communicate with writing you're not a fit. If you haven't used our system, you should do that first.

Be a dyslexic leader

We define leadership as achieving results by working with others. Dyslexics think in interconnected ways. This group helps those who lead interconnected initiatives.

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