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Modern work is dominated by written communication
Storied gets you to an amazing first draft faster than ever
It's like having a communication manager with you at any time

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Unblock your thinking

Staring at a laptop all day does not yield the best ideas. The medium matters. Different environments help us think in different ways. Storied helps you think clearly so you can walk away with a great first draft.

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Desk with research

Find the signal

Focus on the facts not the format. The right questions at the right time will help anyone provide the right context. Our editable templates will help you articulate the details that matter the most. The result; your writing creates beautiful alignment with your coworkers and stakeholders.

Master essential communication

Different situations call for different writing styles. Storied drafts the communication you need for email, meeting notes, business narratives, slack messages, social media posts and more.

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Storied's unique blend of voice and text gives you a healthy way to do great work, rather than the facing frustration of writing from a blank screen


The fastest way to clear thinking

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Get unstuck by talking to the issues. Our help you get into a state of flow so you get to the part that matters.

Great Questions

AI-generated questions focus your mind. We'll help you uncover what you need to hit on to get clear.

Amazing Writing

Multiple forms of outputs help you dial in your writing for the intended audience. Say it straight. We'll help you say it great.

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saved me 10 hours of work
Libby Hereen
Data Scientist | Host of Data Humans Podcast

We'll help you,

You speak 3-4x faster than you type. Create writing at the speed of AI that truly resonates and drives action.

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