Connect your team with voice + AI

From standups, to retros, to updates and the 1-1s between, Storied helps your team make these everyday interactions more productive, more connected, and 100% async. No meeting required.

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Storied uses a combination of voice, text and AI. Why voice? The human voice is rich. Rich with emotion, empathy, and engagement. This richness matters in establishing relationships, building rapport, and developing psychological safety. Pretty much the pre-conditions for creative, innovative, dare we say Storied teams.

Take back your time

Recent surveys say most employees don't think they need to be in 1/3 of the meetings they attend - a massive cost to any company.  Closer to home, does your calendar feel like a frantic Tetris game?  Why do we choose between  asynchronous writing and synchronous video calls?  Be Storied and show your team there's a new way.

Unlock new insights

Storied layers AI on top of voice so you can quickly hear what your team is saying, and get the insights quickly and efficiently no matter if you are a team of 3 or a team of 300. Who said the future was written? 

How Storied works

Storied's unique blend of voice and text, backed by AI and delivered through both web and mobile apps means you can connect with your team anywhere, anytime, without scheduling another meeting.

Summarize or revise with AI

Have you ever asked "did what I just say make sense?" Or have you wanted the tldr;/tldl; to something a colleague said? Storied uses the power of AI to help make you and your team more productive, while ensuring what you want to say is said, and heard.

Real-time summaries of what you just said, help you make sure your message is clear

Summaries of what everybody said help you quickly get the main points, while their voice tells the complete story

Summaries are always editable, giving you the final say

Connect back in app, email, or Slack

Consolidated summaries from what your team said are sent out in email and Slack. Or read it all and listen on Storied. We have more integrations coming.

Summaries can be configured to be distributed at a specific point in time, or only once everybody has responded

Audio responses are available in the Storied app

Storied has helped me generate insights I would be blind to otherwise.
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Analytics Manager leading team of 10
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